Delaney’s 1yr Session and Cake Smash! — MA baby photographer


I have had the privilege of photographing Baby Delaney since she was born and it’s been an amazing experience. And this time, Mom, Dad, and even Dora, joined us. It wasn’t as nice a day as we had hoped, but we still got a few awesome family shots out of it. 


What a beautiful family! Delaney can stand, is starting to walk, and can even talk a little. I was so surprised when she waved to me and said “hi!”


We took some photos in her pretty dress and with a few props and she was just smiling away. Then, we decided to get messy with some cake:


It was my first cake smash and it was so much fun. I’m obsessed with them now and will hopefully have another one coming up soon [about to suggest it to another 1yr session I'll be having which should also be super fun]. Delaney loved the cake and I got a lot of great images out of it. Happy Birthday, Delaney!







Art Sale, Allston, MA – MA Artists [Ashburn Collective]

Some local friends/artists put together a group of people to every month get together, create, and talk about art. Last weekend, we put on an Art Sale in Allston with a bunch of great local artists. 


I love art sales/fairs. I seriously could do them every weekend. It’s a lot of fun and I get better at it every time I get out there. This is by far the best my table has looked. Sometimes I get upset at myself for how good I feel I am at these things, but getting out there and putting it up makes me feel like I am getting somewhere. 



I walked around and started taking photos of the other artists’ work. I, at some point, stopped documenting the different artworks. There were a bunch more people who showed up to display their work from illustrators to jewelry makers, which I didn’t get photos of, but will be sure to next time. 



The above work is by Jenn Carroll, an illustrator out of Boston and her work is pretty amazing. You can view her facebook here


The house we were in was great. It just kept going in every direction and provided a really cool space.


Image Image

The above photos are by Jon Sargent, one of the boys over at Nine Lakes Woodcraft. He had some amazing photos taken at really unique angles. Really well done and inspiring. I didn’t get a chance to photograph the Nine Lakes stuff, but it’s really amazing, too and you can check it out here

Image Image


The last bit of art is by Tyler Hathaway. He is a guy who just can’t stop creating. Also part of the Nine Lakes group, he creates these great abstract, graffiti like drawings. The top photos of the long paintings are my absolute favorite. The colors are just incredible and he has a way of making shapes and giving them the right amount of detail. Again, you can check out Nine Lakes here

 So a lot of great local art, fun, and great people. We plan on doing this once a month at the same place and I hope to keep documenting our endeavors. 

If you like what you see, I urge you to click the links. 

Facebook | Website

Christmas Card

My parents had me design a Christmas card for them. This ended up being the front of the card, with a family photo inside and a little saying. I wasn’t thrilled with how this was going until the end.


Happy Holidays!



I got the chance to, recently, have a photo shoot with my cousin, Evan, and it was a bit of a struggle, but it was SO MUCH FUN.


He’s getting to the point where he remembers me when he sees me now, which is a good and bad thing. Good because we can skip the part where he needs to get comfortable with me sticking a camera in his face, bad because everything immediately turned into a game.

DSC_0037-9 DSC_0039-10



So, I ended up having to catch him on the fly a lot, but it worked out fine [and, to be honest, I had a blast]. I got to work and play at the same time.




By the end, he was putting legos on his head and TELLING me to take his picture. It was a great day.


I’ve been very busy lately with art shows and fairs, but have managed to get some drawing done.

20131206-trex 1 20131206-Dinosky

These dinosaurs have already started appearing everywhere in my work. I also made some mugs [that I, fortunately, sold] which showed the T-rex in the snow [I will hopefully be making some more of those].

I will post photos of the mugs later, also. it was a last minute addition to the fair I was doing and I think they went over well. I will be posting a bit today [or, maybe I'll stretch it out over the next few days] because I have not been doing a great job at the upkeep of this blog lately =].

Print [and more] Sale!

I have been doing lots of fairs and things lately and I have a bunch of left over stock, so I decided for the month of November to have a sale. Everything is buy one, get one 50% off [of same or lesser value]. You can find everything for sale on my facebook page by clicking here.

Also, on my facebook page, I have decided to open November up for illustration commissions that are 10% off if you order before Dec. 8th [and they will be ready in time for Christmas]. If anyone is interested, click the link above and message me.

I also decided in November, as a way to get myself to FINALLY do some regular drawing, that I’m going to go back to the drawing a day format. And, every month, I’m going to come up with a different topic to draw every day for that month. I’m not going to make a list ahead of time, I’m just going to give myself a monthly topic and go from there. Depending on how much I like any one drawing, I might make it a multi-day project and bring it to finish. I decided that November will be “character a day.” I would like to start re-intigrating drawing back into my life and business so hopefully this will be the start of something.

If I don’t get around to posting them every day, I will try to post them at least every week.