Clinton, MA Family Photographer — Mother’s Day Mini-sessions

I had a blast doing hosting a mini-session day in Clinton! We really lucked out with the weather that day and had a pretty good turn out. I’m hoping to do a few more days like this later on in the year, it seems like it works well for people. Here are some images from the different families that day!

The Wachusett Dam was the best place for it, too. There was still some snow around at the time [hard to believe now, which is also hard to believe I’m saying, after the winter we had]. The dam was beautiful and, even though the bridge was closed, it provided enough backgrounds for us to still have some great sessions.

For more of these images and to keep an eye on the next time we hold a mini-session day, check out our Facebook page!

Clinton, MA Photographer — Mother’s Day Mini-Session

Hi guys!

Just trying to think of more ways to get the word out about my Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions taking place Saturday April 18th from 10am-4pm at the Clinton Dam. You can try me out for half an hour and $50 ($40 if you refer a friend, too) and you get a free 8×10  just for showing up. Some people have signed up, but I still have plenty of spots open. I’m excited with the warm weather today that it will actually be nice by then. The snow seems to mostly be gone, but just in case things seem like they’ll be bad, anyone who signs up will be notified by April 8th if the weather looks bad and will be given the opportunity to cancel. I picked the 18th because it gives me plenty of time to edit everyones photos, share them with clients, and have anything be ordered in time for Mother’s Day. If you’re in the area, check out my Facebook page and website for samples of my work, or if you’re ready to book a time slot, go ahead and just email me (! See flyer below for more details!


MA photographer — Bridget & Matt’s engagement session

Such a busy week last week! I had an engagement session, newborn session, and special event all over a 5 day period and I feel accomplished to have successfully completed it all. Now I’m in the process of editing and sharing and the first one up is Bridget & Matt’s Springfield engagement session. I’m super happy about how this one came out. This couple’s wedding is going to be all vintage and special. The ring is passed down from one generation to the next and I thought that was a really great tradition. We lucked out with somewhat warm weather this day and amazing buildings to photograph around. I’m very much looking forward to their wedding in August and I’m glad I got to know them better. Enjoy!

Worcester, MA Illustrator — Watercolor cards

I’ve been experimenting with painting on watercolor cards. I made some of these bird themed ones. I was working on a few others with these, but these are the only ones I’ve finished so far.

I hope to keep going further with these. I also got a new brush and have been trying out a few things. I really liked the first card especially. I hope to get to a point where I can make a bunch of these. They’ve been a lot of fun so far.

Clinton, MA Illustrator — Lost Artifacts Promo Material

Through December and January, I was commissioned to design promotional material for a local band, Lost Artifacts. It’s the first big illustration project I’ve done in awhile and it was a lot of fun. It has inspired me to want to create more and taught me that this is an area I would love to be in. The band wanted to exemplify the idea of “lost artifacts” starting with a shipwreck and eventually moving to an attic scene. I usually create art through watercolor and ink, but decided to work digitally, as it seemed to fit the needs of the band more. I work much slower digitally, but was able to dedicate much of my time to it. It took VERY long, but I think it came out great. I’m really proud of what went into this project and I really hope it leads to more jobs like this. It was so much fun.

MA Illustrator — custom painted espresso cups!

I have recently been creating custom drawn mugs. It started out as a way for me to more effectively market my illustration work and put it into a format that also felt a little quicker for me. This has been a good way for me to keep myself drawing and ended up being a lot of fun for me to do. I haven’t done a ton of paintings in the past year, but I’ve done a bunch of mugs, which has been really good for me. Recently, my sister commissioned me to make espresso cups instead of mugs,  and it’s opened me up to a bunch of new avenues for these paintings. The following are images from a birthday present for my cousin Cristina. I made her a set of cups to match an espresso maker the rest of my family got her. I’m super happy with how they turned out and I’m excited to start figuring out what else I can start painting on. Enjoy!

These are some others from the first batch I made:


This set was a flower theme. The set was 8 cups and saucers and took me about 4 hours to do. I REALLY love how they came out. I hope to do many more of these.

MA Illustrator — Penguin Family!


This is the illustration I made for my family’s holiday card this year. It started off as just making everyone into penguins, but it turned out to be a pretty good representation of everyone. I had a lot of fun with this and am surprised at how much I liked it when it was finished. I haven’t done anything like this in so long, and I know I always say this, but I’m hoping this will spark me into working more on my illustration work this year. Right now, I’m working on another project for a local band’s promotional material, which I’m really excited about. Hopefully, I will be sharing that with everyone soon.

The Old Mill, Westminster — Suarez Mini Session!

Another mini session I forgot to post about is with the Suarez family. I was panicking that morning because it was the day after thanksgiving and all of a sudden we had gotten so much snow. It had snowed a few days before thanksgiving, but thankfully, it stayed cold enough [never thought I’d be thankful for that] that the snow didn’t melt off the trees. By the time we took the photos, it actually turned out to be a perfect background for us.

It turned out to be a beautiful day with sun and snow and I really couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Holiday mini sessions never turned out so fortunate! I’m really happy with how these came out. I hope you all enjoy them, too!

Westminster Photographer — Mason’s mini session!

I’m realizing now that I apparently forgot to post this! Here are a few images from Mason’s mini session. He was so full of energy, but he was also so cute! Mom gave us a great background to work with and the photos came out great.

I had a lot of fun with mini sessions this year. I’m planning on introducing them for special occasions such as mother’s day and probably for a few months over winter, too [once I figure out how it can work most effectively]. Hope everyone had a great New Year! I will be posting some more missed sessions this week.